Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chef Chris

Chef Chris from Disneyland gave me a call the other day. He wanted to find out more about what happened food wise while we were there.
He was very nice and seemed to be very upset over the treatment that we received due to my food allergies.
I am supposed to call him when we go back and he will personally insure that things go a little better. I hope that is true and that I can actually eat something :)
Now to get the tickets straightened out and figure out when we all can go again after my BIL gets back from deployment.


  1. It's a shame it was so frustrating for you. Especially since you did all the advance footwork to make sure your needs would be met.

  2. They certainly are paying attention to you now. It sucks that your initial experience was bad but they really want you to come back. Do they know you have a blog?

  3. I have not mentioned it to them. But who knows??

  4. Personal call...that is pretty good. Maybe you will help them develop better foods there that will help others in the future. Increasing numbers of people are following GF and DF diets, so maybe you are a trailblazer for the future at Disneyland.