Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OK so here is the Disneyland & 35th Birthday & BIL Pre-Deployment trip to Southern California rundown.

The flight from Denver to San Diego was BUMPY but not too bad. We got in about 40 minutes early even!

The drive from the airport was fun. Considering it was 10 pm and my 3 year old niece was wide awake and ready to see us! It was awesome meeting our new nephew for the first time too. He is getting so big already!!

We got back to the house and tried to get everyone settled in.

Friday my brother in law got home in the wee hours of the morning from the field and then we took a little tour of the base and did some grocery shopping to get some safe food for me. We also went to In-N-Out Burger and I was able to try that for the first time. Minus the bun and cheese of course. Tasty stuff.

Saturday was up early and off to Disneyland! Oh and it was my birthday. I had spoken to Disney Dining several times to verify that I could find things to eat at the park and was told that it wouldn't be a problem. My sister in law also called just to make sure she was told the same thing which she was. We stopped at City Hall once we got into the park and got a Gluten Free list. They did not have the Dairy Free list I was told that they would have. They said it would be fine though and to just talk to someone at the restaurants and they would accommodate me. I have to say that the day at Disneyland went well up to the point that I tried to eat. It all went South with that event. We tried not to let it ruin the day though. My niece was just amazing. She was so excited to see all the Princesses and characters. We rode some rides. Not as many as I had hoped to but I did get to ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Indiana Jones, and Finding Nemo which I hadn't rode before. We also got to ride It's A Small World all decorated for the holidays which was very neat. All in all it was fun yet oh so frustrating with the food. I do want to go on the record saying that Disneyland is not in my opinion anywhere near as awesome as Walt Disney World.

Sunday we just relaxed and hung out.

Monday we flew out and my brother in law went back out into the field. Again it was a BUMPY flight. It was a long day with flights and driving home.

Tuesday I spoke with Disneyland again and they are trying to make things right with how things went on Saturday. I have to say that I was just shocked at how the food thing went down. It doesn't happen like that at Walt Disney World I can tell you. For supposedly being the Most Magical Place on Earth and Where Dreams Come True it should be a little easier and people should at least pretend to care a little more. I need to get the ticket stubs together and sent in and they said that they will issue us a letter allowing us admission to the park again. Hopefully they come through on that and things go smoother next time.

It was a whirlwind weekend but I think that we all enjoyed spending time together as a family. Now to try and get rested back up and caught up. I have tons of reading to get done before class tomorrow night and I am still incredibly sore and worn out from the trip. I am very happy that I was able to do things and not slow us all down too much. I just hope that tomorrow is better than today was pain wise.


  1. Too bad the food issues were a problem there, but I am glad you had a good time. It is always so difficult to eat out when you have food restrictions!

  2. What good is free admission going to do if the food situation is handled the same way next time? They sound like those companies you complain to that just send you coupons for more of the same product. That happened to me once when Bailey had a severe reaction to a flea product. Granted, the company gave me my money back, but then they also gave me coupons for the exact same product. Uh, hello. I wasn't going to put it on him again.

    I'm surprised you didn't get rained on. I thought it was storming in Southern California.

  3. Sorry about all the food problems but at least you got to see everyone and you had a good time.

  4. I am sorry that food was such an issue. Disney isn't usually like that. With such a large volume of visitors, the staff is usually very good about accommodating unique diets (and yours isn't even that unique). It sounds like the rest of the trip was great and I bet it was nice to see family.