Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold, Snow & Junk

It has been cold here lately. Not just sort of cold but below zero cold. It was 30 below zero without windchill the other night when I went to bed. Crazy cold! Before the Arctic temperatures settled in we had more snow which has drifted quite deep...

Ah the joys of Winter in Wyoming!

Since I am home almost all the time now I have noticed that I can clean and organize and clean and organize all day yet somehow when I get up the next morning there is a mess. Ugh!!! Men!!! It makes you want to stop cleaning!


  1. Brrrrr!
    And that's all I have to say

  2. And I am complaining about the cold here. Now I feel bad. I was just noticing that I always had to do a lot less cleaning when I lived alone.

  3. You have to keep cleaning because it can get worse. Worse in the winter time can be REALLY worse. Good luck to you. Give yourself a snow day.

  4. That is cold and I know cold. I can't keep up with the cleaning myself and there is only a half man/half boy and a small girl living with me.

  5. I'm with ya. We do actually have the sun out today and it might begin to melt some of the snow; but I don't think it will make enough of a difference. We've not had a day above freezing in several weeks. I'm already really tired of winter and we've only technically had it since Christmas. Yikes...spring seems a long way off.