Sunday, February 21, 2010

Immunization Records

You know that little card where they keep track of what shots you have had and when... I know you know what I am talking about here. Well don't lose that little card!! Especially if you have lived in more than one state. I called the State of Florida and guess what... They think that they must have shredded my records. They definitely can not find my records and are assuming that they were shredded. Nice. This means I get to pay to have a titer done for the MMR and if the titer isn't high enough get another booster. I know that I have had this booster because I got in in order to go to college. It was a requirement!

Can I have a day where I don't get bad news please?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Olympics

Do they inspire you?
Do they make you wish that you were more athletic?
Do they nauseate you?

How do you feel about the Olympics?
I watch when I can. I tuned in to some Curling the other day and was pleasantly shocked. I watched the Snowboard Cross and wondered if they all had death wishes. I missed the Double McTwistey whatever thing that everyone is talking about.

I think overall that I am happy that the Winter Olympics only comes once every 4 years.

Oh and more snow fell in my corner of the world today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Frustration

I went to the rheumatologist again on Friday. Huge frustration...
She said no to trying Physical Therapy. I wanted to try it to see if they could help me strengthen my muscles and joints as well as helping me learn what typical range of motion is so that I stop hurting myself so much.
She gave me another new medication to try. I don't have a lot of hope for it as every medication she has given me has caused more problems.
I guess it might be time to look for another doctor and get a fresh perspective. The thing that will be the worst about that is that I will have to go out of state.
Frustrated and not entirely sure what to do...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

So is it OK to admit that I watch the Super Bowl mainly for the commercials? I mean do I lose my Super Bowl privileges by admitting to this fact? I don't think I am alone in this fact by any means. Even my football loving husband doesn't want to miss the Super Bowl commercials.

I also almost without fail like to cheer for the underdog. I like to see the BIG upset!

And please someone please tell me what was up with the entertainment portion of this Super Bowl? The opening singer is someone that I typically like but what was up with Queen Latifah's version of America the Beautiful. Wasn't the original beautiful song good enough for her? And lets not even get me started on the halftime show starring The Who. Wow what a let down... Although I did think that Carrie Underwood did an OK job of singing the national anthem. Lately though for at least the last maybe half dozen years the entertainment portion has been seriously lacking from the Super Bowl in my opinion. Then again I guess it isn't supposed to be about the entertainment... Maybe it is all about the commercials? Or is it supposed to be all about the football?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fingers Crossed!

We got a new to us washer and dryer set yesterday. It looks like brand new and we got it for a really great price too! Now everyone cross your fingers that Kevin can get the old set taken out and the new set hooked up without too much drama! I already am tired of the "new" set sitting in the middle of the living room! Plus I really need to start tackling that mountain of laundry that has begun to pile up...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Appliance Death... RIP Washer!

Well it finally happened... My ancient washing machine finally gave up the ghost this morning. Approximate age 25 years old at best guess considering that it came with the house when we bought it. Of course it died full of water, soap and clothes just to add insult to injury.

Now the hunt begins looking for a replacement. Ugh!! When it rains it pours it seems...