Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still Waiting...

I faithfully took the antibiotics prescribed to me for a full week, and when things just kept getting worse and worse I broke down and called. Lucky me got to start another antibiotic on Friday and if I am not markedly better by Sunday I get to go visit Urgent Care where our PA is working this weekend. If I have to go to Urgent Care then I get to experience a lovely shot of an even stronger antibiotic. The fun just never ends I guess. I really don't care what we have to do at this point all I know is that this excruciating pain in my kidneys and lower back has got to end.

Hunting season has opened here in our tiny town and our population has approximately doubled with the influx of hunters. All that really means for me is that work is insane and I am putting in 10 to 12 hour days. I really don't know how much more of it I can take with everything that is going on health wise right now though.

On to college football... My Auburn Tigers are still undefeated! I really hope that they beat Ball State today and continue the winning streak. They still haven't broken the top 25 but they are gaining votes in the poll.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things Have Got to Get Better!

So, I broke down and went over to the health clinic here in our tiny town. The PA confirmed my suspicions... Another UTI. JOY!!! Not - LOL! Back onto the lovely antibiotics I go. I just hope that one super high dosage round is enough this time.

The PA also agreed that I just can not go on like I am with the constant pain and gave me a prescription for some pain medication. I will get it on Monday when the hubby goes to town and then hopefully get a little relief when the pain is just too intense to take.

Speaking of the hubby, he is off on an overnight adventure in search for a trophy buck antelope. He really wants a trophy and well the dogs really want the meat! :)

Which leads us to my girls night in :) Well not just girls... Rebel is a boy - sort of - since he is neutered. So I guess it really is a Mommy and Doggies night in. Plus I get to have most of the day tomorrow to myself with no work either! I plan on just reading, relaxing and resting. No housework allowed!

Sunday or Monday will probably be the day I start the final medication the Rheumatologist gave me to try for the Fibromyalgia. Keep your fingers and toes crossed because if this one doesn't work then I get to go for more big scary tests.

Oh in other news - The hubby and I both joined the volunteer fire department here in our tiny town. Him to actually play fire fighter and me to play with the trucks some but mostly to do the next EMT class.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Endoscopy Fun... Not!

The endoscopy yesterday was miserable. I guess that I just have a very high tolerance to the medications that they use to help people go to their happy place for these types of procedures. This is the 3rd such procedure I have had - 1 colonoscopy and now 2 endoscopies - where I was fully aware of what was going on and just doing all I could to get through it. They gave me as much of the amnesia drug as they could and it again did not do a thing. They gave me 4 doses of the relaxer medication and pretty much nothing from that either... The decision had to be made either just go for it since I was all the way down there and prepped or call it off and reschedule it at a different location at a different time where they could completely knock me out. We decided to just go for it. It was uncomfortable and stressful but it is over. I am still dealing with a very sore throat and probably will for the next few days.

Now the waiting game begins for the biopsy results to come back from the lab. I had some changes from last years endoscopy. The Barrets esophagus looked better. I had some new weird fold area at the base of my stomach which caused some concern. I also had some nodules at the very beginning of my small intestine which were not there before. The biopsies were also taken for Celiac disease which may or may not give us results since I have been wheat/gluten free for a few months already.

Hoping for good results and nothing scary to come back.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Frost Already??!!

As insane as it may sound we have already had frost for 2 mornings or more in a row here in Wyoming. I am so sad that I can't even begin to tell you.

It is true... Summer is over here on the high dessert plain it appears. Craziest thing is that it is currently 80 degrees outside now at 4 pm after a chilly frosty morning. I never will get the weather here!

We had a WILD Saturday here as the Wyoming Cowboys hosted the Texas Longhorns for football. Something like 40,000 Texans descending upon Laramie even though at least 1/2 of them if not more didn't have tickets to the game. Considering that Texas was ranked #2 nobody should be surprised that the Cowboys lost 41 to 10.

My beloved Auburn Tigers won yet again though! That puts them at 2 and 0 overall and 1 and 0 in the SEC. Still unranked but hopefully that changes soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Drug Bites the Dust

Well the second drug didn't work out either... This one caused me to pretty much go insane, or at the very least to lose control of my emotions and sometimes my actions. Yeah, needless to say it wasn't pretty. I only took this second drug, Seroquel, for 4 days before we realized it was just too much to handle. Now I get to detox off of this one for at least a week before trying the third and final option the doctor has currently given me.

Fibromyalgia stinks and I can't seem to find any relief...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Medication Issues

I think that I started to have an allergic reaction to the Lyrica which I was trying for my Fibromyalgia. I have stopped taking it but I still am really miserable and dealing with a lot of the allergic reaction type symptoms that I was having. Add on to that the pain levels have increased dramatically since starting and then stopping this medication.

I am still waiting on the doctor to get back with me about what is going on... I wish that she would call already!

I think that I will go ahead and start the next drug to try and hope for better results.