Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter Blues

It has been a rough month. Actually it started out a rough month. After only 2 days of work in November I lost my job. Technically I quit but really I was being forced out. I got my paycheck for the last half of October and in the envelope was a note saying that I was only going to be paid full wages for 1/2 of my hours starting with that pay period. Meaning that instead of the low $7.25 an hour for all of my hours that for 1/2 of them I would only get $4.45 an hour. Needless to say I just couldn't continue working for those kinds of wages considering the abuse my body was taking to do the job.

No luck on the job front so far. I have applied for some fairly decent positions though and am waiting to hear back on those. I also keep applying for freelance writing jobs though but so far nothing there yet either.

Trying to stay positive and upbeat but it is becoming more and more difficult. Today DH had a blow out on a tire and now we get to spend some of our savings on a set of new tires. We were hoping that we would be able to hold off on replacing them until I found something to help out with earnings.

I don't even want to do Thanksgiving dinner anymore... It just seems like such a hassle since I have to do everything from scratch due to my dairy and wheat intolerances. If I do cook Thanksgiving dinner it will most likely only be for me, DH and his parents anyhow. And to be honest they and us have been invited to a community Thanksgiving dinner where they all can eat the food. Maybe they all should just go and I will stay home.


  1. Considering all you've been through, why not go to the community dinner, and some things before and after for yourself?? You don't need the hassle..

    I feel the job hunt pain hun, wish I could help.. Took me 4 months to get the one I have and while it ain't pretty, at least it brings in something.. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Good luck with the job hunt! Is it even legal to only pay you for half of the hours worked? How can they do that. Even if they cut the pay in half, it is below minimum wage.

    I would definitely recommend going to the community dinner. Sounds like a much better option than cooking everything. Can you bring yourself something that you would enjoy that fits within your dietary restrictions?

  3. Here's hoping things look up on the job front. Good luck!

  4. How is that legal?? Is it because you were waiting tables? I don't blame you for saying no way to it.

    Maybe you could prepare one main dish you can eat, and then fill in with veggies they should probably have.

  5. Virtual hugs to you! I know how much it bites to be watching every little penny and those stupid car expenses come up. :(

    I almost think you should go ahead and do dinner at your home - you'll have leftovers so you won't have to cook much the next day or so, right? So at least you get a break on that end... and hopefully the cooking makes your home feel a little brighter.

  6. Is that even legal to cut your wages below the minimum wage like that? It shouldn't be, if it is, especially in this economy. Good luck looking for something else. I'll be there right along with you.

    As for the car, I think it's pretty much a given that nothing ever breaks on it until you're in a situation where you really don't have the extra funds to pay for it.Life sucks like that sometimes.

  7. I doubt it's legal to just include a note saying you'll only be paid for half the hours your worked. You should call the authorities in your area. It is legal to cut someone's wages with notice; as well as cut one's hours. Technically I suppose there's not much difference with the end result; but I have a feeling you could get them on a technicality. What was your job? That might be a key factor in this. Where you the only one cut? Was this an across the board decrease in order to stay afloat?

    Sorry you're feeling so down, try to focus on the positive. You have a hubby who loves you, you have a roof over your head; all other things will happen accordingly.

    Hope you did the community dinner, think that would be fun.

    leaving you a hug,
    please swing by for a visit.