Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Blahs

It is snowing here in wild Wyoming again. Actually it started snowing yesterday afternoon and isn't expected to stop for another day or so. Not too much of an accumulation yet with only a few inches thankfully.

I do not like the snow and cold at all. Well a little here and there is OK, but this whole snow and cold from September until May is a little bit extreme! Hopefully this winter isn't insane but it sure looks and feels like it is going to be a whopper!

I go see the PA again on the 2nd and the Rheumatologist on the 11th. I am hoping for some kind of miracle I guess. I do know one thing I am so sick of taking antibiotics that it isn't even funny!

Hunting season is finally winding down!! This means that work should go back to more regular hours. I am hoping that I don't get laid off again this winter though!


  1. On our vacation I was delighted to see snow in the Carson National Forest, but I didn't have to drive in it, and I didn't have to live with it for months on end.

    What you need is a new puppy. It's so funny to see them encounter snow.

    I know that's not possible. Take care of yourself. Think warm and happy.


  2. Ugh, snow! I am not looking forward to it. I hope it is a mild winter for all of us.

  3. Sorry to hear about the snow, you need to move to Arizona, think how good that sun would be for your aches and pains.

    I like to see snow from a distance. The older I get, the more and more I prefer warm weather.


  4. I hate the cold as well, but snow around here is so rare that it's an exciting event. At my old job, we even got to take off on snow days. I think it was because no one around here can drive in it. The only time I ever had is when I had a final on a snow day.

    Not to rub it in, but it was in the lower 70's & gorgeous here today. I hope it's been warmer there for you as well.