Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Immunization Update

Could it be true... There actually are health care providers out there that do care?  Did I find the holy grail of health care??

My primary care "doctor" well he isn't a doctor but a physicians assistant decided that since I have a history of reactions to immunizations that he would write me a prescription stating that I shouldn't undergo any further immunizations at this time.  Now to wait and see if the hospital and ambulance board accept this... Always just a little more wait and see isn't there!?

I am so happy that he thought of this because I was really dreading more immunizations.  I hate the reactions and to be honest the reactions just keep getting worse every time I had to get one.  He thinks it is because I have an autoimmune disorder that the immunizations cause me such problems.

Oh and in other news I am back on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments.  :(  It seems I picked up a sinus infection and that it decided that attacking my sinuses wasn't enough and headed for my lungs leading to bronchitis.  Oh the joy of it all.

EMT class seems to be going well though.  We have our second test next week Wednesday already.  Hopefully I don't give myself quite as bad of a panic attack this time!  LOL


  1. I'm glad to hear your EMT class is good. I wish you luck on the exam!! Don't freak yourself out. :)

  2. I am glad the class is going well! Good luck on the exam. I can't believe this is the first healthcare provider who thought of stopping immunizations. It seems logical that immunizations would affect you if you suffer from an auto-immune disease.

  3. That is disheartening that the doctor will not refer you on to Physical Therapy. After our time at Mayo Clinic working with PT with my daughter the past weeks we learned that PT should be an option before too many meds or surgery.

    Good luck on the EMT exam!