Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long July

July was a long month... Oh I had a lot of fun!  But over a month is a long time to have family visiting.  My parents are here for a few more day still too.  We went to Denver to the antique shops and to Deadwood to meet up with my cousin and her family.  For the most part though we have just been at my house, 60 miles from anywhere. 

My garden is growing!  However, I don't know how much I am going to get to pick before the snow and cold begins again.  I have a few strawberry blossoms that are promising to produce a few berries.  I definitely will get some lettuces and spinach.  I hope to get some radishes but am not holding out as much hope for the carrots and beets.  There will be arugula and maybe swiss chard too.  The green beans, snap peas and cucumbers are all trying to grow but so far no blossoms.  The cilantro is doing the best out of the herbs.  The parsley and basil didn't even come up though.  The dill is growing ever so slowly along with the bunching onions too.  Seeing how this was my first Wyoming garden I definitely have learned a few things.  Starting seeds indoors early for a lot of items is going to be necessary.  I also need to plant earlier!!  It has been fun to have a garden again though even if it is only a small one in my front "flower" beds!


  1. That's a very very long time to have people visiting. Think I might loose my marbles if I had visitors for that long.

    My dad's garden isn't doing well at all this year. He's been very disappointed. Sounds like you're doing better. Been too hot for long periods here, and or too wet for long periods. Everything's been extreme.

    Good Luck

  2. Starting seedlings early is very important...

  3. While you may not get much out of your first Wyoming garden, it sure is a good start! I didn't get anything planted this year, except for a couple of topsy turvey tomato plants that aren't producing much of anything! :)