Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Those Darn Deer!

Well they did it!  They jumped the fence and ate my garden!!  Thankfully not the entire garden.  However, they did eat most of the pea and green bean plants.  They also chomped on a good portion of the swiss chard too.  Ugh it is so frustrating!!  All that time planting, watering, and waiting for it to grow... Only for the deer and antelope to dine on the fruits of my labor.  Hopefully the deer netting that we layered on top of the fence works to keep them out.  If it doesn't I believe we will have a deer or antelope stuck in the netting!  The frustrating part is that the nights have already begun to turn cold so my garden doesn't have long to go.  Why oh why did you silly animals find my garden only now!!  I guess on the upside they did eat the peas and green beans and not some of the other plants.  I highly doubt that they would have produced anything anyhow!


  1. Sorry to hear that I remember how frustrated I used to get when the rabbits are my garden. I quit planting one. errrrr

  2. It's almost like they just wait for everything to be ready. Ugh. Do you think that coyote pee would work for you??