Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Weather

It seems that Winter is here to stay at least here in my little corner of the world.  It has snowed more days than not so far this month.  At least it seems that way...

Although the snow is beautiful along with the cold weather comes increasing pain and problems for me.  I have an appointment with a new Rheumatologist PA the first part of December.  I am hopefully but trying not to get my hopes up concerning what she can do to help me.

I also have my travel details for going home for the holidays.  I will be flying to Florida to be with my parents for Christmas and New Years.  Since I will be there for 3 weeks, I am trying to make plans to see friends also.  Mostly though I am going to be trying to keep myself busy which shouldn't be hard with the HUGE freelance project I am working on.  I have mixed feelings about going home.  I am excited to go; however, I am sad that my husband will not be able to go with me.  This will be the first Christmas that we will have spent apart since we met. 


  1. It's snowing to beat the band here too
    I guess it's better than the unrelenting rain

  2. Oh no! That is very sad that you won't be together for the holidays. :( I'm sure it will be nice to be with your family though.

  3. Sorry to hear you'll be apart from your husband, but will the sunshine and warm weather help with your health problems?