Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Endoscopy Fun... Not!

The endoscopy yesterday was miserable. I guess that I just have a very high tolerance to the medications that they use to help people go to their happy place for these types of procedures. This is the 3rd such procedure I have had - 1 colonoscopy and now 2 endoscopies - where I was fully aware of what was going on and just doing all I could to get through it. They gave me as much of the amnesia drug as they could and it again did not do a thing. They gave me 4 doses of the relaxer medication and pretty much nothing from that either... The decision had to be made either just go for it since I was all the way down there and prepped or call it off and reschedule it at a different location at a different time where they could completely knock me out. We decided to just go for it. It was uncomfortable and stressful but it is over. I am still dealing with a very sore throat and probably will for the next few days.

Now the waiting game begins for the biopsy results to come back from the lab. I had some changes from last years endoscopy. The Barrets esophagus looked better. I had some new weird fold area at the base of my stomach which caused some concern. I also had some nodules at the very beginning of my small intestine which were not there before. The biopsies were also taken for Celiac disease which may or may not give us results since I have been wheat/gluten free for a few months already.

Hoping for good results and nothing scary to come back.


  1. Oh, that just sounds miserable. I can't believe the medication didn't work for you. I hope the results are good. When will they be back?

  2. I got the call on the results from the biopsies today. They all came back OK according to the message, but they didn't say anything about the Celiac so I need to call and see about that.

  3. Good luck. I have Celiac Disease ... it's hard at first, but gets really easy after a while.