Sunday, September 13, 2009

Frost Already??!!

As insane as it may sound we have already had frost for 2 mornings or more in a row here in Wyoming. I am so sad that I can't even begin to tell you.

It is true... Summer is over here on the high dessert plain it appears. Craziest thing is that it is currently 80 degrees outside now at 4 pm after a chilly frosty morning. I never will get the weather here!

We had a WILD Saturday here as the Wyoming Cowboys hosted the Texas Longhorns for football. Something like 40,000 Texans descending upon Laramie even though at least 1/2 of them if not more didn't have tickets to the game. Considering that Texas was ranked #2 nobody should be surprised that the Cowboys lost 41 to 10.

My beloved Auburn Tigers won yet again though! That puts them at 2 and 0 overall and 1 and 0 in the SEC. Still unranked but hopefully that changes soon!


  1.'re making me all homesick now!

  2. We had a cool weekend and it drove me nuts. Next thing you know it will be snowing. Boo.