Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking for my Groove

I just can't seem to get into the groove. I love blogging and checking in with all my blogging friends, but somehow I just can't find the time and energy to do it. Well to be honest I can't find the time and energy to do a lot of other things that I really need to do too.

I finally got over the horrible UTI only to be greeted by a massive sinus infection that also is lingering. I think that the recurrent illnesses might have something to do with almost 100 hours worked in 9 days, but again I could be wrong. All of those hours might have been worth it if the pay check looked great, but it wasn't stellar.

I saw yesterday that one of the grocery stores in the town where my husband works is hiring a bakery manager and that it pays almost double what I am currently making. I am going to try to see what the hours are and possibly apply for that position. I also saw that the University also in the town where my husband works has an opening for a research scientist. I really need to get on sending in an application for that one since it would put me back into a science position which at least would be using my degrees.

The doctors and I are also looking into the possibility of hypothyroidism that isn't showing up with blood work. I have been taking my temperature prior to getting out of bed all month and I have been shocked to see numbers ranging from 96.2 to 97.8 instead of the typical 98.6. I also have a lot of symptoms that could potential point to hypothyroidism instead of what they are blaming them on now. I guess that is why it is called practicing medicine?


  1. I am sorry you are struggling so. I hope it works out.

  2. Go for the science job. Working at a job you don't like is a good reason not to feel well. I hope your doctors pin your illness down soon.

    Thanks for visiting my site.


  3. Sorry to hear you've been over worked, under paid, and under the weather. I'm feeling it too. Probably am going to need to call in tomorrow. Feeling really lousy all day, chills. Might have to do with my last couple of weeks with extra long days. Last week I worked about 11 hours every day. I'm tired.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Thought I had added you to my blog roll so I could find my way back easier; but it's not there. Either I screwed up or I'm thinking about our days on Today. So, am gonna do it right now.

    Take Care, please stop in.

  4. damn, i was hoping they had it figured out by now for you.. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    As for the jobs, definitely try and get in where you can use what you know, it makes it so much more worth it I would think..

  5. Hopefully they are finally on to something and will figure out what it'll take to get you feeling better. As for the jobs, you should certainly try for them! Good luck with everything!

  6. The science job sounds perfect for you! I hope you get it.

  7. I think both of those job opportunities sound great! Good luck with them. I hope you are able to find a solution soon. All those infections sound just miserable on top of everything else.

  8. Go for those jobs!!!
    Just a thought on the temperature thingy...while we were in the midst of the infertility battle, I took my temperature every morning. It was NEVER normal...always a degree or so below. In fact, the doctor said you could tell you are ovulating if it spikes to normal. Just so you know. ;)