Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Anti-Haircut

I went in to town with DH on Friday.  We had plans to go on a date after he got off of work.  The date was fun :)  We ate a late lunch, caught a 4 pm movie (The Expendables), and walked around the farmers market in Laramie.  It was so nice to get to spend some quality time just he and I!

Now you are probably wondering about the title - The Anti-Haircut... Well while I was in town and waiting for DH to get off of work I planned on running a few errands which included going to get my hair cut.  I had a VERY SHORT hair style last winter and had finally grown it out enough to go get a different style.  I did indeed go and get a haircut.  However, you can barely can tell and it still has no style!!  I went to Great Clips which in hindsight that was my error.  I asked for a simple chin length forward bob with an undercut and emphasized that I wanted to be able to pull the front up still.  What I walked out with was a slight trim and some light layers... Ugh!  Nowhere near what I asked for :(  I even let her have a second shot at attempting what I asked for.  I didn't ask for another re-cut for fear of her chopping out a chunk of hair or something.  So now I have to deal with this haircut until I get back into town again.  Hopefully that will be Thursday... Looking on the positive side is that DH said that due to my hair trauma I can get a little something more than just a cut.  Thinking that some highlights or color are in my future :)  Let's just hope that my normal stylist at Smart Style can fix this mess and still give me what I want!


  1. That always disgusts me!!! For the boys I learned instead of telling them how I want it cut i just always tell them to make them cuter!! Seems like they get a better haircut then. Such a gamble.
    My oldest son believes when he tells them he is in/attending a wedding he gets a better cut!! lol

    Hope your stylist is able to fix the hairdo for you!!

  2. Sounds like you got the girl I always seemed to get every time I stepped foot in that place...was exactly two times. UGH! I never did find a decent place the entire time we were there...eventually saved my trims for trips to Ft. Collins. ;)

  3. I feel your pain. I always end up with layers too and just wear a hat for a while. Glad you had an enjoyable outing with your husband and got some good quality time. Here's to highlights :-)