Friday, September 17, 2010

The Vet Visit Adventure

I took the dogs to the vet yesterday.  Wow, I had forgotten how difficult taking them in to see the vet could be!!  I definitely could not have handled both dogs without help.  I was glad to have my FIL along for a helping hand since DH had to work. 

Both dogs got good reports overall, thankfully!!  Rebel was due for 2 shots and a nail clipping plus his well dog check.  The good news with him is that the little growth on his lower eye lid isn't especially dangerous and is typically totally benign so we didn't even need to biopsy it!  We will just need to watch to make sure it does not grow or begin to bother him.  Also, Rebel had lost about 16 lbs since his last visit down to 80 pounds and almost a healthy weight for him.  Suzy had also lost a little weight which was good for her as well.  I guess all that cooking for them has helped with their weight as well as the seizure prevention.  Suzy was just due for 1 shot and a nail clipping plus her well dog check.  The good news with her is that her occasional limp should not require surgery unless it progresses to an all the time thing.  The vet thinks that it is a possible ACL injury which isn't great news though. 

Because Suzy was badly abused before we adopted her she went first with Rebel there to help keep her calm.  I muzzled her for the nail clipping more for her safety than anything.  She was so good for it and didn't even paw at the muzzle!  I was so proud of her!

I had my FIL take Suzy out while the vet took care of Rebel as she is very protective of him.  Rebel was a little baby about the nail clipping as expected and whined and acted like he was being killed when he really wasn't at all.  So it was a good decision to have removed Suzy from the equation. 


  1. Oh, it's so funny how they act when they go to the vet! I have to take my cats separately because they are both so clingy. I guess I can say it is my "quality time" with each of the kitties. Glad both dogs are doing fine!

  2. I took Bella & Bailey to the vet together once, and it will probably be the last, although I do think they showed us to a room quicker, and my dogs are nowhere near as a big as yours.

    Good luck if the injury does turn out to be an ACL tear. Bella did that a few years ago. She had to have the surgery, which basically involves them replacing that ligament with something that looks like fishing lines, but because arthritis had already set in, she still limps.

    What did you do to cook them to get them to lose weight?

  3. I cook them a mix of rice, wild game (or hamburger) and vegetables. Simple really :)

  4. I'm so glad you got good news for all.