Friday, September 10, 2010


It has frost here more than a few times now.  My poor little garden is definitely worse for wear.  However, everything isn't dead just yet!  We are still enjoying the lettuce at least :) 
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh no!! I am not ready for frost just yet!! I am enjoying the 70 degree weather and the cool, 50 degrees at night. Makes sleeping soooo nice. :)

  2. Bummer...we came close to having it the other night. I thought we did in a few places, but hubby says no. Soon will though as it's been 40 ish at night now more then once. errrrr I hate hate hate to see summer go by by.

  3. It's starting to get a lot colder at night here, so I'm sure the frost is soon here too.