Friday, May 29, 2009

Pay It Forward!

Yesterday when I stopped into the post office to pick up the mail after a long day of cooking up at the cafe, I was pleasantly surprised to see a package!! The package was from Sherri of the blog My Life in the Fishbowl and was filled with the goodies she sent to me for being selected as a winner in her round of the Pay It Forward challenge.

I couldn't wait to get home and open up my package!! Inside I found a wonderful Starbucks gift card (how did she know how much I love a yummy coffee beverage!?), a cute photo album, a lovely notepad, a flowered nail file (I always seem to lose these so getting one was wonderful!), flower shaped post-it notes, cucumber melon antibacterial deep cleaning hand gel (this will come in so handy working up at the cafe), and lastly a very sweet note from Sherri! Even though we only know each other from the vast blogosphere I feel like our friendship is beyond the boundaries of the internet.

Now it's my turn to Pay It Forward. Please know that to play along with this game you do not need to go to grand levels for the goodies in the packages. The real point of this is to simply let others know that they are appreciated and to help them feel inspired as they blog.

On to the rules: To enter, leave me a comment saying you are interested in being a participant in the Pay It Forward challenge. The entry must include either an email or a blog address to reach you at if you are a winner. To help keep shipping costs down this challenge is only open to U.S. addresses.
I will accept posts/entries to the challenge until Midnight on Thursday, June 4th. On Friday, June 5th I will post the 3 winners of this round of the Pay It Forward challenge! I better get my brain in gear and figure out what goodies will be in my boxes to ship off!

In other news:

Suzy is doing a little better today. I am getting her to eat a few bites of food a few times during the day and she seems to be feeling better with less pain. However, she seems to still be having some lingering issues unrelated to the colitis from how the vet techs handled her. I think that she might have had a small brain bleed or mild stroke from the stress and such of their treatment. But slowly she is starting to become the sweet girl again that we left behind when we went on vacation. It is going to be a long road and probably have more than a few bumps in it, but I believe that we will come out the other side of this journey.

I worked 2 days in a row up at the cafe and know now that at this point 2 days in a row is my limit. My body just is not capable of more than that due to my illness. I also have been trying out the second medication to help me reach that restful stage of sleep and I think that the first medication is better at the job for me. I see the Rheumatologist again on Tuesday, June 2nd and hopefully we will move forward with some other treatment options in addition to the medication to help with sleep. I still have a lot of pain and muscle burning. The brain fog episodes are a little less frequent but I still am having them especially when I am working or exerting myself. Right now my schedule for the month of June is to be the cook up at the cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays but the other cook doesn't want to work 5 days straight per week as it is just too much for her to do. So my schedule might be changing to help out more up at the cafe.

We are hoping to get some major work done on the laminate floor laying on Saturday and the repair man is scheduled to come to fix our satillite internet too. Hopefully they do fix it and we stop having all the problems which have been going on for the past 2 weeks or so. If things are fixed then I should be able to post on my blogs more regularly again!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Don't forget to enter my round of the Pay It Forward challenge!


  1. I would love to enter your Pay It Foward Challange!
    I really hope you and your doggie are feeling better soon.

  2. What is wrong with your satellite? Goodness, you don't want to hear all the problems I had with mine.
    Glad to hear that Suzy is doing better.
    Hope that working at the cafe is not to much for you.
    When are your folks visiting? Soon, isn't it?

  3. Are there any other vets in your town? I'm glad Susie is doing better.

    It's good that you're finding out your limits - hopefully the people at the cafe will work with you on that.

  4. I'm so glad you liked your package! It was a challenge coming up with what to send! I'm so glad Suzy is feeling better.

  5. I'm so glad Suzy is getting better. Hope your dr. appointment will go well. Maybe you should take your shifts a couple days apart so you have extra time to rest...
    Count me in for the Pay it Forward program, k?

  6. I'm glad the Pay It Forward is still going! I was in there in the beginning stages I think.

    Glad to hear that Suzy is doing better. What happened???! I keep you guys in my prayers.

  7. I would love to "Pay it Forward." I am glad Suzy is feeling better and getting back to normal.

    You definitely need to take care of yourself and try not to overwork. Take care of yourself!

  8. Hey there! Haven't heard from you in awhile...everything alright?

  9. Just stopping by to check on you. Hope everything is alright & you just don't feel like blogging :o)