Monday, May 25, 2009

Will the Stress Ever Decrease?

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders from all of the stress I have in my life right now.

Suzy has made another turn for the worse and I begin to wonder if she will ever get over this colitis. She is refusing to eat; although I was able to tempt her into eating a few spoonfuls of yogurt. I am having to give her the Pepto-Bismol again as she is yelping with belly pain again. I need to her pull through this illness. I just can not bear the thought of losing her.

I know that I need to work shifts up at the cafe, but the schedule for June is still not posted and nobody has called asking me what shifts I will be available to work and which I will not be available to work.

The laying of the new laminate floors is going slowly. I know that the rain is a blessing considering that we live on the High Desert Plains, but it sure does make it difficult to get the pieces cut that need it out on the table saw!!

I also think about the stress of others at this time with it being Memorial Day. The remembrance of the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. The remembrance of the sacrifices of their families. The remembrance that FREEDOM is not FREE and that the price of it has been and continues to be paid in blood. I am thankful for all the brave souls who have, do currently, and will in the future serve this great country and I am thankful for their families for allowing them to do so with honor and support.

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I'm so sorry you have so much going on right now. I'm certainly no vet, but I was wondering if there's any way you can mix Suzy's new food with the old food. We ended up doing that for one of our cats who needs prescription food for kidney problems. He hated the new stuff until we mixed in just a touch of the old stuff. Now he eats like he used to. Keep us posted on her... and on you, too : )

  2. I'm so sorry Suzie still isn't feeling good. :(

    I really hope things let up for you soon.

  3. I am sorry she is still not doing well. The mixing of food is a good idea...we had the same problem with Fred. For the same reason.

    I hope she gets better soon and your stress level decreases.

  4. I hope things get better soon and your Suzy gets better. Hang in there!

  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Suzy and you. Hang in there, girls.

  6. Oh I'm so sorry Suzy is having problems. Hang in there!

  7. Oh no, Stephanie!! I hope Suzy will be okay. I'll say a little prayer that she feels better soon!!