Friday, April 24, 2009

Christmas is Officially Over!!

LOL if you have been hanging around my blog for long then you know that we have had a delayed ending to our Christmas celebration. Well technically not the celebration of Christmas itself but the removal of the physical Christmas decorations. You might remember that about a month ago we finally were able to get the inflatable Christmas decorations unfrozen and dried out enough to get taken down from the front yard and put away. You might also remember that a while before that I actually undecorated the Christmas tree and took down the other indoor decorations other than the physical artificial Christmas tree.

Well yesterday I had decided that enough was enough and that DH was never going to get around to taking the darn thing down and putting it in its box - Lets not even go there with putting the box away in the garage rafters because honestly the boxes of other decorations are still setting in a neat stack where I left them when I took them down.

Now if you are new to From Huskies to Husbands then you might be wondering why I don't just take care of the boxes myself and also wondering why it was such a big deal to just take the Christmas tree down myself. Well the answer to that is because honestly I physically just am not strong enough right now and even if I am strong enough the repercussions of doing that kind of physical activity aren't worth it. I am suffering from taking that darn Christmas tree down too :( I had hoped that I wouldn't but hoping got me nowhere on that one! Can we say increased burning and muscle pain?! I so can not wait for the Rheumatologist appointment on May 4th. I hope that the doctor can give me a firm diagnosis for this be it Fibromyalgia or something else and get me on the road to less pain and a better quality of life!!

In other news, we are set to go get the laminate flooring in Cheyenne tomorrow!! Now for the weather to cooperate and us to be able to get across the summit! LOL! You might remember that we were supposed to go do this last weekend but then we had a HUGE snow storm and the road across the summit was closed for days! We will be using either Lowe's or Home Depot for this purchase since they both have a pretty good price of less than $1 a square foot and they both are willing to do a credit card purchase over the phone since my parents are kindly and generously footing the bill for the materials. Aren't they the greatest for wanting to get rid of the carpet in my home so that my allergies aren't as bad??!! :)



  1. YAY for new flooring!!!
    So sorry you are suffering today. I hope it settles down in time for you to go to Cheyenne tomorrow...and I hope the storm stays away. I've heard we're supposed to get some rain and snow this weekend. Yuck!

  2. I have to say I'm chuckling at the extended Christmas decoration season. Very, very funny. Though I'm sad to hear it gave you such pain, in the end.

    I have one string of lights that I've left up permanently along the top of one wall. I turn them on if I'm feeling gloomy and need something to cheer me up. That's quite a different scenario, of course.

  3. I say leave the Christmas decorations up. Have the holiday spirit year around. Ours would probably still be up if my husband didn't take care of them.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Good luck with you trip. I hope you choose Lowe's. I love that store and Home Depot irks me.

  4. We have laminate flooring in the kitchen and hallway and it's great!

    We took a while to get the Christmas stuff from outside because of all the snow too. Finally, it's warm! 80's today! I prefer 70's but, it's the first really warm day so far so I will accept it! :D


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