Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maytag Sucks!!

OK, so if you read the previous post you know that today I am sitting at home waiting on the Maytag repair man. I was scheduled by Maytag for repair service on this recall when I called them on the 13th. They told me that they would be here between 8 am and 5 pm on the 23rd which is today - I did not have a choice as to what day of the week the service would be on. I was called last night not once but twice to be reminded that I needed to be home between 8 am and 5 pm for the repair today. I cleared my schedule and didn't go to town with DH today because I had to be here for the Maytag repair man.

Well at about 10:30 am today they call and say to me we have to reschedule. We don't have service people in your area on Thursdays they are only in the area on Wednesdays. WTF are you kidding me?? You have 10 days lead time and you don't figure that out until 10:30 am the day of the service!! You scheduled me for a Thursday, I didn't choose to have service on a Thursday!! OMGosh the scheduling on this recall is horrendous so if you call be prepared for that and specifically ask them if they have someone in your area on the day that you are scheduled.

Then the real problem begins of trying to get them to realize that they have screwed up and that I need them to fix the problem. After many telephone calls and getting hung up on many times and getting passed around like a hot potato I was given a recall authorization ID which I was told to use to get the recall service done locally. I called the "local" place which is 120 miles away round trip and was notified that they could do the repair but that it would be in 2 weeks and I would have to pay time and mileage which added up to a lot!! OK I didn't put the faulty part in my refrigerator so why should I have to pay to get it fixed. Back to the telephone I go and begin calling Maytag again only to receive the same treatment as before. Finally, I get someone who seems to actually give a crap and they schedule the service call for Wednesday, April 29th between 8 am and 5 pm and tell me that there is a $50 check in the mail for my difficulties but that it wont arrive for 4 to 8 weeks.

All I can say is that Maytag has horrible customer service with this recall and has chosen a less than stellar company to do the actuall service scheduling and repairs.

Great so now I get to sit at home on the 29th again which really sucks since that is DH's birthday and I had wanted to go into town with him and hopefully go to dinner or something for his birthday... So much for that!


  1. Hopefully, this will cheer you up some. I've given you the Queen of All Things Awe-Summm award on my blog. Just stop by to pick it up and pass it on. When the Maytag man shows up on Wednesday, make sure he knows that he's dealing with a queen!

  2. What a beautiful new place you have here :o)

    Sorry about the Maytag trouble. They don't have it together at their scheduling department...

  3. This is one of those "you've got to be kidding" things that you just can't believe is actually happening. How could they have not figured the repairs days when you initially called? Crazy! It's too bad that they are coming on your husband's birthday but hopefully they come first thing in the morning so are gone quickly.

  4. Sometimes you just have to sit on the lid and laugh! (It is a poem that my mom and I used to read aloud to each other at trying and difficult times.)


    Build for yourself a strong box,
    Fashion each part with care;
    Put all your troubles there;
    Hide there all thought of your failures,
    And each bitter cup that you quaff;
    Lock all your heartaches within it,
    Then sit on the lid and laugh.

    Tell no one else its contents,
    Never its secrets share;
    When you've dropped in your care and worry
    Keep them forever there;
    Hide them from sight so completely
    That the world will never dream half;
    Fasten the strong box securely -
    Then sit on the lid and laugh.

    Bertha Adams Backus

    I hope they come at 8:00am on the 29th so you can have it overwith and DH can have a nice birthday!

  5. How utterly frustrating! Seriously, you would think that most companies would be going out of their way to keep customers happy right now. Ugh!


  6. We used to have a Maytag washer and I had to have the repair guy out here 4 times in 4 years. The last time it broke, we decided it would be cheaper to replace it rather than have the repair guy keep coming out. Maytag seems to have gone way downhill since I was younger.

  7. Guess that's really why the Maytag repairman never has any work to do, the scheduling dept. can't get their act together well enough to get them out to where they need to be!

    I do hope you get it repaired and that you really do get that check. You could do a search on Maytag and find out who their CEO is and write him a letter, detailing your experience. That might get their attention.

  8. MAytag isn't the company it used to be. I've been trying to get my stove element changed for the past 4 months. They keep bringing the wrong part. Even the service guy was saying what a crappy company they are. We're not alone, man.

  9. We have a Maytag high capacity washer/dryer. Very expensive by our reckoning. We have had the repair man out 5 times in 18 months. Now, they are telling us that they cannot come out until the middle of next month, because we had them out within the last month.
    So, if their products break more than once a month, tough luck.
    We have six kids (hence the need for a high capacity washer), and my wife is in tears at the thought of not being able to get laundry done for a month.
    So, I looked up "Maytag Sucks!" on Google, and found your article. Thanks for sharing and giving me a place to vent.

  10. Purchased Maytag refrigerator on 12-04-10, it was delivered at room temperature on 12-16-10, plugged in and remains at room temp on 12-19-10. No one answers phone in USA or Canada or Skype on Internet for Maytag.

  11. LOL - wow 2 years later and I could have written this same post. In fact it sounds SO much like mine! Hope you don't mind if I link back to your blog in my post.